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Latinos are changing the face of interracial marriages. More Latinos are marrying and dating interracially than ever before and, of course, having interracial sex relations. But are these relationships any different than same race relationships. The race aspect only adds one facet to this and that's only when you visually notice the differences. A small percent of Latinos have a "Latino look". Many would pass for an average American. But for those with strong cultural features,dating interracially can be an obstacle.

Miscegenation has been legal since 1967 but still a justice of the peace refused to grant a marriage certificate to an interracial couple. Churches still ban interracial couples from their congregation. Believe it or not.

To be an interracial couple takes alot of inner strength. People gawk at interracial couples or stare and suddenly a trip to the movies takes on a new meaning. Can two people survive criticism like this? Yes, if the relationship is strong and the people in it. It can work. There are couples who were strong enough to withstand outsider interference, get married, raise their children and live the American Dream.

America is a country built on multiraces and religions. Almost no where will you see such a melting pot. To the outside world, the US is just that with little reason for racism. Visually, it's very accurate. In Korea or Israel the majority of the people have a certain look. Not the case in the US. It's been a melting pot for a long time even though many people refuse to see it that way. Interracial couples are very common. One of the basic reasons why is location. Many neighborhoods have mixed races.

Nonetheless, couples still have to deal with judgements from families and the public at large. Interracial couples can use this to build a stronger self and relationship. The ability to "shrug it off" is so applicable to many things , the ability to apply shrugging it off and moving on is a great way to deal with anything. So, interracial couples could be a stronger individuals as a result.

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